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ponderings of a ppc professional

Book Review – “Ponderings of a PPC Professional”

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The cover of the book captured my attention right away - it aligned so well with the title “Ponderings of a PPC Professional”. The silhouette of a man sitting (on…

Book Review of “Marketing: a love story”

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The title “Marketing: a love story” matches the simple appearance of the book: it’s short and delicate looking in it’s mostly white cover, with just a splash of color in…

How to fix the Facebook Ad Manager Error #1815010

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How I feel about it now: There are much worse errors to deal with than the “Payment has been disabled for the user (#1815010)”. It’s actually pretty quick to solve,…

What to do with Expanded Text Ads in your Google Ads campaigns

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  Having extended text ads hang around in your ad groups like some jaded ex puts the stress of that inevitable doom time clock in your head. You know the…